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tv   Journal  LINKTV  February 14, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> this is what is coming up in the next half-hour periods germany's government has its first resignation. connected to alleged child. >> watch this man. he is expected to be italy's next prime minister and he is promising and economic surge. >> a volcano erupt, blasting ash nearly 20 kilometers into the air.
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>> germany's new government is two months old and it already has lost a top cabinet member. >> resigning as questions mount over his role in the investigation of a member suspected of possessing child born. -- porn. >> they want to know why he passed on a criminal investigation on to other members of the cabinet. >> the hastily called news conference, the culmination of t he investigation. he insists he did nothing wrong. my opinion is the same as it was. i acted politically and legally when i informed the leader of the spd in october. the pressure has grown so much in the last few hours that i no longer think i can do the job in the agriculture ministry.
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it would require columnist and political support. -- calm and political support. friedrich wanted to see if charges would be pressed against him. angela merkel said she accepted the resignation with regret. >> he has proved his upstanding nature, putting his own interests and well-being behind the well-being of the whole and taking political responsibility independently of any legal evaluation. >> the case centers on a member of parliament. under investigation a suspicion of possessing child photography. it has emerged he passed on confidential information to the
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leader of the spd. they think he had advanced warning. computers were missing and hard drives had been wiped. >> we are quite dismayed that large parts of the police force in the interior ministry were occupying themselves with the case and pass their own criminal judgments before the justice system had even got hold of the relevant files. the scandal has cost friedrich his political career and observers say there may be more consequences in the coalition government. let's go to our political correspondent. there are two people right now in the story, the interior -- agriculture minister who resigned. he is not under investigation at this point, correct? rex that is true but it might change quickly. we have had heavy hints from the
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prosecutors in the last 24 hours that they may pursue a criminal investigation against him on charges of possible charges of a breach of confidentiality surrounding disclosures he made on this pornography case. >> and the member of parliament who is being investigated for possibly possessing child pornography. >> until relatively recently he was viewed as somebody who had a pretty bright future in social democrat ranks, possibly even in government ranks but he got caught in the net of a canadian investigation into an operation based in toronto, canada that had been selling on the internet mainly child pornography. as many as 800 german men had purchased this child photography including sebastian. his line of defense is that he did not actually purchase
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anything illegal. it is a bit of a gray area. it does appear he has purchased in substantial quantities is what is called posing. young boys posing provocatively, not necessarily a legal but prosecutors believe they might find more incriminating which uriel. >> none of this was very good and the government is in mega-damage control. >> they have been in office for two months and they have lost a significant player. add to that the fact that there's a lot of bad blood between the conservatives and the social democrats. the damage limitation, they have quite of -- a lot of work to do. >> thank you very much. >> there is some drama further south in europe. the revolving door of politics is turning again. >> the italian prime minister
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has handed in his resignation after his party voted him out. the party leader accused him of failing to fix the nation's economic and political problems. >> it looks like it is renzi who is going to replace him. we have this report. >> the italian prime minister headed for the presidential palace to tender his resignation. one day after his own party pulled the plug on his administration. his inner party rival is expected to take over the reins of government. he has been blamed for not doing more to jumpstart the struggling economy. >> i say italy needs radical change. we need a new government if we want to get out of this quagmire. >> the leadership -- under his leadership italy has passed a
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number of reforms and rome has managed to cut the deficit in budget under three percent. there is little change apparent on the ground. after years of depression they are still plagued with problems. unemployed and has surpassed 12%. am i and people that figure is 40%. millions of frustrated italians have watch their lending standards -- living standards drop. >> italian politicians, they ought like children. at all levels at the government. if they were mature they would not create all this anxiety. all of this destruction. >> one takes our money and another private mr. rives and they take more. >> at 39 he would be the country's youngest ever head of government. voters would be watching his
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policies closely. >> securing it -- ukrainian authorities have not lifted charges against protesters. they marched on the -- on friday. charges will drop -- be dropped if they leave public buildings by monday. >> european economies are picking up steam. gdp in the european currency union grew by .3 of 1% in the last quarter of 2013. >> germany and france nudged up higher growth between october and december and there is some good news for some of the euro's troubled members. >> the only country struggling to turn things around.
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>> unemployment remains the biggest problem in greece. he tried to make a living in athens and now is on a farm cultivating $300 treason the country's north. >> what is most important is whether we can adapt to the changes taking place around us and believe that there are good opportunities and they can be used in agricultural products. >> greeks hope this year brings some improvement. economists expect the economy to grow in 2014 if only by 0.3%. a number of heavily indebted countries saw the beginnings of an upswing late last year. italy grew by 0.1%. portugal about .5 of one percent and in spain the economy expanded by 0.2%. the exception was greece. practically all the crisis countries are expected to show
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signs of growth in 2014 but it is less likely that improving conditions will health -- help revive the bleak labor markets there. >> our correspondent has on the stock market reaction in frankfurt. >> the news about the ongoing recovery of the euro economy helped stock prices upwards on this last trading day of the week. it was a strong week altogether. the dax, the german stock index gained more than 3.5%. not even the political turbulence in italy scared off investors on the country. many on the markets thinks that matteo renzi is the man to help italy's recovery to do something for the labor market and the investment climate in this important euro economy. >> russia has once again accused
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foreign powers of meddling in ukraine's political crisis. >> russian -- the foreign minister the finger at the european union claiming the eu is intended next bending its influence to kiev. >> it did not make the job easier for germany's foreign minister who was visiting in moscow. germany's foreign minister is a familiar face and longtime partner. he wants to expand germany's dialogue with russia well promoting democratic freedom and making mutual bonds. >> we cannot make ukraine be about securing spheres of influence. what is going on in ukraine is no geopolitical chess match. we must instead give the ukrainian people free choice in what direction they take their country's political future. >> for weeks ukraine has been gripped by political crisis. violence has broken out as
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activists demonstrate against with ac is a corrupt state leadership and rush of hossein do influence. moscow accuses the west of meddling in ukraine. >> one cannot talk about free decisions when each day, some new envoy is sent to kiev to convince the ukrainian state leadership that it should side with europe or the u.s. >> the conflict began to escalate when ukraine refused to sign an association pact with the european union at the last minute. critics say it was due to russian pressure. germany's new foreign minister wants a better relationship with russia but moscow remains a difficult art or. the human rights record and recent political moves in ukraine art to major sticking points for germany. >> the long reach of the law may be extended here in germany when
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it comes to art stolen by the not sees. -- nazis. >> that could open lawsuits and possibly return original artwork to their owners are the descendents many of the our works had been seized from their owners by the nazis. it is nearly impossible for the owners' families to get them back. the claim period is limited to 30 years. harmon is debating new legislation that would annul the limitation statute for those knowingly possessions stolen works. >> germany has a particular historical responsibility and i think we owe it to those persecuted by the nazi regime to make every effort to change their legal situation as quickly
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and effectively as possible. >> critics say the draft law is flawed. how can you prove that evil new their works were stolen or not? many others think germany has current law is inadequate. >> the case was a fine example of the very many problems there are with researching ownership. so we will be discussing it. >> experts disagree about how many are works could be returned to their owners after so long. change could soon come and progress be made in resolving this vexed issue. >> when we come back we will take a look at another war-torn town in syria that is in evacuation mode. >> everybody loves a tale of an underdog. we will bring you attaching one from the sochi olympics. >> the latest from the berlin
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film festival. we will be right back. >> the with us. -- stay with us. >> thousands of syrians have been fleeing a rebel held town in anticipation of what may be at major ground assault. >> they have already -- there have already been regime airstrikes. they could enter into a third round. >> there has been little progress aside from a shaky cease-fire in the besieged city. >> help has arrived in homes -- homs. it is progres of sorts. >. we managed to get food
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assistance in. it is -- is it enough? we do not believe in. it is a major step forward for people who are living in unbelievable levels of deprivation. >> the evacuations continue. more than 1400 people have left the city so far. this footage was reportedly shot by an antigovernment organization that says it has no links to any syrian political groups. the source cannot be identified. not everyone who wanted to has been able to get out. the u.n. accuses authorities of jailing nearly 300 men they consider potential rebels. >> there are 381 men and boys and we say boys because they are still poison our view. and in the view of everyone sitting in this panel between the ages of 15 and 18. who are in the facility.
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>> those who can flee of their own accord do so. these refugees are skipping to lebanon with some terrible tales to tell. tales of massacres, people sleeping in the streets because their homes at been destroyed, people being hit by shells as they queued up to five basic such as food and water. and the bloodshed continues. this footage which cannot be independently verified purportedly shows the aftermath of an atrocity committed by an kind of a splinter group that puts death at least 13 men allegedly relatives of people who fought for rival rebel groups. in the comfort of geneva, switzerland, talks between the warring parties are deadlocked call -- according to all sides. apart from some really for the city it seems all they can agree on is to disagree. >> police in the gulf state of our rain have clashed with
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protesters on the anniversary of a popular uprising. >> dozens were injured. this amateur footage was posted online by the bahrain media center. it is a group of activists purporting to show clashes between police and antigovernment for tests in and around the capital. police have reportedly arrested 30 people. red hot ash and rocks have been raining down on the indonesian island of java. >> one of the country's most dangerous foe canis has erupted, killing three people and sending tens of thousands fleeing. >> a massive cloud now hangs over the region and the streets are covered in gray. >> is a natural spectacle that can destroy lives and livelihoods. the authorities ordered everyone in a 10 kilometer radius to evacuate their homes. more than 76,000 followed the call, taking with them what they could.
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thousands of people have been put up in emergency shelters. indonesia's disaster aid relief agency said the volcano has stopped erupting but -- cloud has spread as far as 500 kilometers to the west and northwest. the eruptions began 90 minutes after it raised its alert status to the highest level. >> the mountain began erupting late thursday night. an hour later, i felt a great tremor. i immediately woke my whole family. it felt like it was raining to my but gravel. gosh raining gravel. the eruption has dumped several
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centimeters of ash and sand on the region. people are beginning to return to clean up but it will take days or even weeks for life on the island to get back to normal. >> the world's major airliners and plane have been at the singapore international air show. >> this happens to be the fastest-growing are contained the industry. >> everyone wants to be part of the party including airbus and boeing. >> the sky is the limit at the singapore air show. laying makers are promising bigger and lighter and more fuel-efficient fleets. airbus is resenting new additions of its eight 350 jets, aiming to please the asian market first and foremost. >> this is six percent for the entire region and i believe this is pessimistic. i believe this region will grow even faster.
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>> it is asia rather than the u.s. or europe that determines the success of a model. competition is fierce. owing also has its sights set on the far east. they are working on reducing the weight of its planes. one possibility is connecting tablet computers and smart phones into the onboard entertainment system. >> we do not have to build screens into all the seats. this would mean a medium haul jet could save 500 kilos in weight. not only saving fuel but also increasing the payload. >> that would mean more passengers per aircraft in higher profit. with orders in the billions, it is shaping up to be one of the most successful air shows in history. >> now to the winterland vixen sochi. friday was the day of the underdog. >> he showed the slopes and
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world what they were made of. >> take a look. >> delivering a race. his break neck slalom catapulted him to the top of the table. and claiming the fourth olympic silver. claiing the second biathlon games. the 27-year-old finished one minute 20 seconds ahead of her closest rival from switzerland
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who won silver. and taking home the second gold at the olympics for swiss cut treachery. he finished nearly 30 seconds ahead of the pack. he is a favorite for gold in the 50 kilometer event. earning the first gold with a win. >> as international film festival draws to a close in berlin, movie fans are being treated to a new lavish adaptation of the well-known fairytale beauty and the beast. >> exploring magical interaction between animals and humans via tells the story of a love affair between an impoverished merchant's daughter and a mysterious beast who lives in
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an enchanted castle. it stars the two french legends. let's check in with our movie guru. look at you here on friday night. you get to be at the movies. "beauty and the beast," more beautiful or beast? >> it is a beast. it is more like what a beast does in the woods. this is a disaster of a movie. this is the classic fairy tale. we have probably seen on screen a number of times the firmest 1940's classic of this fairytale. there is the disney version that has its positives and negatives but i would rather have dancing and singing teacups. it -- i do not know who this
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film is for. it is too violent for kids and too much of a kitschy crazy mess for anyone who is a discerning cinema goer. be glad that i took the bullet on this one. i have seen this movie and you do not have to. >> we are trying to figure out what a beast does in the woods here. talk to me about this new documentary. a work in progress. >> this is completely on the other side of the scale. this is a new documentary that martin scorsese is doing on the new york review of books. the publication that has been reviewing books and has been the intellectual lodestone for the new york scene for 50 years. he screened it as a work in progress, basically an hours worth of footage cut together
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and added discussion afterwards. i was there. it is amazing. it is hard to think of how to make a documentary out of book reviews. it really is a picture of american intellectualism of the last 50 years. it has always been on the right side of the arguments. i am excited to see what would happen when he finishes it in a couple of months. >> thanks for taking us to the movies with you. let's wrap it -- that will wrap up this edition of the journal. thanks for watching and have a good weekend. >> see you next time. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> good evening. fresh hopes for the european recovery gathering pace. euro zone growth figures come in ahead of expectations. we will check on what is going on online. is no sign of progress that talks in geneva aimed dead ending three years and bloodshed in


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